Summer-like temperatures for Tuesday; chance for rain Friday

NOW & NEW: Record-challenging heat is possible tomorrow as Bridgeport could replace the established 2000 high record of 80 degrees.
NEXT: A cooler, more seasonal push comes with a front later this week. Rain chances increase with the front arriving late Friday night into Saturday.
Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Krystal Ellis says it will be warm for most of the week before temperatures cool down and rain returns to start the weekend.
Wildfire smoke has been slowly moving down from Canada over the course of Saturday to Sunday and it has made the skies a little hazy around the tri-state area. While the smoke is expected to linger around through Tuesday afternoon, it is not expected to reach the levels where advisories will be issued for poor air quality and the public health at risk.
TUESDAY: Mostly sunny and warm. High of 80.
WEDNESDAY: Mostly sunny and fantastic. High of 76.
THURSDAY: Mostly cloudy. High of 74.
FRIDAY: Mostly clouds. Showers late. High of 72.