Sunshine hangs around for a few more days in Connecticut; tracking rain for Friday

Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Joe Martucci says it will be sunny and mild for Wednesday before the threat of rain moves in late Friday.
Wildfire smoke has been slowly moving down from Canada over the course of Saturday to Sunday and it has made the skies a little hazy around the tri-state area. While the smoke is expected to linger, it is not expected to reach the levels where advisories will be issued for poor air quality and the public health at risk.
WEDNESDAY: Early fog gives way to another comfortable, summery day, with plenty of sun. Highs around 80, but cooler along the immediate shoreline.
THURSDAY: Early fog to sun. Sun does give way to clouds late. Highs in the mid-70s.
FRIDAY: Cloudy. Drizzle is possible throughout the day but there will be time for outdoor work/activities. Highs around 70 degrees. 
SATURDAY (Weather to Watch) Rain, likely in the afternoon and evening. Driest time should be the morning. Rainfall totals should prevent any flooding. However, it will turn windy late in the day, continuing overnight. Highs around 70. Low around 50.
SUNDAY: Windy with a mostly cloudy sky. Fall temperatures come back, with a crisp feel in the air. Highs in the low 60s. 
MONDAY: Breezy with a mix of clouds and sun. Staying autumnal. Highs around 60 degrees.