Suspect from Bridgeport charged with murder of Stamford mother

A Bridgeport man has been charged with the murder of a Stamford mother who police called “an innocent bystander” more than six months ago.
Shernetta Dunmore was gunned down on the city's East Side last September after a block party. Just after midnight, police say she got caught in the crossfire after a group of people began shooting. Two others were injured. 
Ian Evans, known as “Easy,” was arraigned Thursday morning. His bond was set at $2 million. His attorney will be able to argue that number at his next hearing.
Evans, who has been in custody since just after the incident, pleaded not guilty to the previous charges of assault, criminal use of a firearm and reckless endangerment. Police initially charged Evans with shooting one of the victims.
Evans' defense attorney says he hasn't seen the new arrest warrant yet because its sealed. He says he suspects prosecutors have a “weak case.”
“My suspicion is that if there was overwhelming evidence, I would’ve heard it or seen it by now,” says Philip Russell.
Sgt. Guzda told News 12 that they have cooperating witnesses in the case.
“This young woman must’ve been well liked in the community because this is one of the investigations where we had quite a bit of help from the public,” he said.
Shernetta Dunmore Shernetta Dunmore
Jamal Dunmore says he's not surprised. He called his sister a “powerful soul” who made an impact on the community.
“Even though, I'm the oldest, she was the leader for us,” he says. “She was the leader for her friends. A lot of people are still torn apart.”