'That's not going to happen overnight:' Mold Task Force says Westhill needs new HVAC system

Stamford's Mold Task Force met with parents and teachers to address ongoing mold concerns.
The meeting happened Wednesday just a day after a Board of Education meeting where staff members and students at Westhill High School say they believe mold is making them sick.
The district reported that about 40 teachers have made workers comp claims for mold-related illnesses.
Mike Handler, a Mold Task Force board member says while officials are cleaning classrooms of any mold, Westhill High School does need a new HVAC system.
"That's not going to happen overnight, our goal is to make the rooms as healthy and clean as we can," Handler says.
In a letter to parents, the district says an industrial hygienist found surface mold in 12 rooms back in August.
The letter says remediation was completed in mid-September, and the rooms were re-occupied.
However, almost three months later teachers and students say several of them are still out sick, and they believe it is related to mold.
Officials, meanwhile, say repairs are ongoing and the school is safe.
Parents at the meeting say they are not satisfied with that.
Students say having teachers out is also having an impact on their education.
"This is probably the biggest issue I have dealt with and a very serious one because we are talking about teachers' health," Diane Phanos, president of the Stamford Education Association, says.
Officials also say eight classrooms at Westhill High School have already been cleaned and are ready for students and teachers.