The Download: Ageless Innovation's Joy for All Companion Pets

Pets can be a great companion and truly are a part of the family. But for lots of reasons, not everyone can have an actual pet. So how about a robotic one?
Ageless Innovation's Joy for All Companion Pets may not be real, but they are about as real as it gets.
Their pets, a dog or cat, are covered in fur and sensors that respond to touch, sound and even light in the room. Inside, a variety of motors replicate body and facial movements. There is even a realistic purring sound that you can feel.
And just like a real pet - you never know what's going to happen.
"The play pattern in our cat is completely random. You can pet it 10 times and you might get a meow, or you may not. You may get it to roll over, or you may not," says Ted Fischer, of Ageless Innovation.
If real pets aren't allowed in places like a nursing home or hospital, these robotic pets may be a solution to combat loneliness and isolation.
The pets run on easily replaceable batteries and will go to sleep when not being used. They are available starting at $110.