The Download: Bose Bluetooth audio sunglasses

Summer is unofficially here, and with the nicer weather you may be thinking about some new sunglasses. News 12's Andrew Ehinger shows us some high tech sunglasses that look and sound good.
The Bose Frames are fashion forward Bluetooth audio sunglasses. The frames use open audio technology to "beam" music into your ears. Basically, it’s a highly tuned speaker that sits right above your ear canal on the temples. The effect is high quality audio without headphones that allows you to also hear what's going on around you.
The tech is important to athletes, especially runners or bikers. The Bose Frames Tempo are rugged, but allow athletes to hear traffic or other noises so they can stay safe - but still be motivated by music.
After paired to your smartphone, you control the audio by just tapping or sweeping the side of the glasses. And if you're caught in the rain, or spill a drink on them, the Frames will be OK in moderate level of water.
You can take calls on the Frames as well, plus the lenses are interchangeable depending on your style or even prescription.
The Bose Frames come in several different styles and start at $169.