'They are united.' Ukrainian Jewish WWII survivor commends home country for resisting Russia

A Ukrainian Jewish woman who survived the Holocaust as a baby in then-Soviet Union is sharing what is like to see her native country in turmoil as Russia causes destruction and tragic loss.
Isaana Lioukimson has friends and family in Kharkiv, one of the cities most devastated by the Russians, and says she is proud of her home country for taking a stand.
"They are united," said Lioukimson. "Yes, I am proud, of course. I'll tell you, if I were there, I would not be sitting. I would be taking care of wounded soldiers. I could not stay away. My mom was like that."
Lioukimson's mother was a front line medic in World War II.
The 82-year-old says her friends and family back home are doing OK, but have been hiding in bomb shelters several times a day.