Tips to prepare and protect your home from storms, flooding

With flooding threats and a storm getting ready to hit western Connecticut, News 12 Connecticut's John Craven has tips on what you can do to prepare and protect your own home.
The first thing is to check out your nearest storm drain. If it's blocked with snow, that could mean the risk of flooding because the water has nowhere to go.
Road crews have been doing their part across the state to check storm drains and vacuum up snow and other debris.
"If that sump is more than 50% full, that material's got to come out and be dealt with,” said Tyler Theder, the director of Stamford Stormwater. “Otherwise, it becomes suspended during a big storm like we're going to have now."
He said the city is also adding storm drains to places that flood, like along Cove Road in Stamford.
"One other point is adding infrastructure,” said Theder. “Like green infrastructure…bioswales and tree infiltration pits to get more of this water into the ground."
Another way to stay safe is to check your gutters and make sure nothing is blocking them or any other discharge pipes. When it comes to the basement, check your sump pump to see how much it's filled up.