Tony Soprano's boat 'The Stugots' up for sale

Fans of the show “The Sopranos” have a shot at snagging up a big piece of the show's memorabilia.
A Cape Fear 47-foot boat named "The Stugots" was Tony Soprano's boat in the HBO series.
The boat had its airtime in the pilot episode and then again in season four in the episode titled "Whitecaps."
"Little Pauly and Benny anchored the boat out in front of a house that Tony Soprano was going to buy, and the deal didn't work out and they were going to keep the deposit. Anchored the boat out, blasting Dean Martin and left the boat," said Paul Ouimette, a yacht broker with United Yacht Sales.
It was built in 1999 in Wilmington, North Carolina and is one of two that were made.
It has passed through a couple docks and owners over the years.
"Staten Island until 2005, it was sold for a pricey price tag - $700,000," said Ouimette. "And in 2016, the current owner bought the boat, and it was in Maryland. The owner saw the significance in it and fixed her up."
The vessel has two bedrooms and two bathrooms and has most recently called Stamford home.
After it was listed and sold in 2005, the boat was renamed to "Never Enough."
The boat is back on the market with an asking price of $300,000.