Trailer for Netflix's 'Maestro' drops, with CT as backdrop of some scenes

The trailer for the Netflix film "Maestro" has been released, and the film is generating buzz locally as some scenes were filmed in Connecticut.
It centers around the life of American composer Leonard Bernstein and his wife Felicia, who lived in New York City and Fairfield. It stars Bradley Cooper and Carey Mulligan.
Last year, the film was the talk of the town when cast and crew set up production in the parking lot of Saint Pius Church in Fairfield.
Lynn Martone recalls when Cooper walked into The SoNo Baking Company and Cafe in Fairfield.
"He was well-disguised, a little scruffy, glasses, hat," Martone recalls.
Syndicated movie critic Susan Granger says these productions have a domino effect when they set up shop in communities like ours.
"It's a tremendous economic boom," Granger says. "A lot of business for restaurants, drug stores, dry cleaners, retail stores, it's very exciting but it's also very, very profitable."
Martone says college-aged people would hang around the cafe waiting to spot Cooper and buy things from the cafe while they'd wait.
The movie will be released in select movie theaters on Nov. 22 and on Netflix on Dec. 20.