Trauma surgeon turns his talents from medicine to music for the holiday season

A well-known trauma surgeon is turning his talents from medicine to music this holiday season.
Dr. James Gadzik, of Westport, has devoted his life to the field of acute care and trauma surgery.
The Yale graduate spent decades working as a trauma surgeon at Norwalk Hospital, often dealing with the aftermath of everything from shootings to stabbings to domestic violence.
What people may not know about Gadzik is that he has written a production called "Magic — A Ballroom Musical", featuring professional singers and dancers who are getting ready for the show's debut at the Wall Street Theater in Norwalk.
Gadzik finds himself transported to a happy place surrounded by his musical production's creative team. It's what he calls his safe space, a special universe, where the stresses of trauma surgery seem a million miles away.
While the upbeat tone of the production makes it perfect for families this holiday season, Gadzik points out there is an underlying theme of domestic violence.
For one of the cast members, that has very special significance since she says she has been a victim and allows her to heal.
Gadzik says it's been his dream since his days at Yale to use his talents to impart peace and joy on others when it come to making people happy this holiday season.
The musical will be performed on Nov. 26 at the Wall Street Theatre in Norwalk.