Troconis lawyer fears homicide charge, new court documents show

Michelle Troconis was asked over 170 questions during a deposition in September in connection to a civil suit over money allegedly loaned to the estranged husband of a missing New Canaan woman, but didn’t answer any of them except for her own name.
According to the documents, attorney Andrew Bowman told her to plead her Fifth Amendment right so she could not be implicated in a criminal case in which she is already being charged with hindering prosecution and tampering with evidence in the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos. 
The deposition revealed that attorneys for Jennifer Farber Dulos' mother, Gloria Farber, asked Troconis questions about her relationship with Fotis Dulos.
Troconis was also asked about her citizenship, her daughter and where she lived before she moved to Farmington.
She was also asked about her "intimate" relationship with Fotis and trips they had taken together.
Questions directed at her knowledge of Fotis Dulos’ financial conditions, including indebtedness to the Farber estate, the state of the mortgage on 4 Jefferson, Dulos' use of assets belonging to Fore Group, his attempts to conceal assets and any assistance he sought from her regarding the operation of his business Fore Group were also asked.