Police: Truck driver killed after delivering road safety equipment on Route 34

A truck driver was killed by a car that lost control after he delivered construction equipment intended to make the road safer in Orange, police say.
The incident happened Monday in the westbound lane on Route 34 near Sodom Lane in Orange after 3 p.m.
Police have identified the victim as Steven Sylvester, 45, of Harwinton.
Investigators say Ramona Rubin, 79, was driving a yellow Volkswagen drifted to the side of the road and hit the truck driver while he was standing alongside his trailer after making a delivery of construction equipment.
Police say the equipment he delivered is being used to install a new traffic signal and expand turn lanes onto Baldwin Road near where the crash happened.
The man was taken to the hospital where he later died. The woman was also treated for injuries.
Assistant Police Chief Max Martins says construction for the road safety project was supposed to start yesterday, but then the fatal crash occurred.
Police say another car was also struck during the incident, but the person wasn't injured.
No criminal charges have been filed.