Truck strikes ambulance in Norwalk, driver flees

An EMS ambulance crew was involved in a hit-and-run crash Saturday after workers responded to the scene of an earlier accident.After rushing to a crash site on New Canaan Avenue, the crew loaded an injured driver and left for Norwalk Hospital. Moments later, a man in a white truck collided head-on with the ambulance a short distance from the earlier crash site. Police say the driver of that vehicle fled the scene.
Sheldon Stevenson, a paramedic supervisor, says people may be surprised how overlooked ambulance crashes can be. Ambulance crews have a higher mortality rate than either police or firefighters because of the risk of accident, he says.
No one was seriously hurt in either of the crashes. Police say the driver who struck the ambulance was apprehended Sunday morning. In both cases, the driver at the first accident and the truck driver are suspected of driving under the influence and are under investigation, police say.