Trumbull Facebook group will repair vandalized Make-A-Wish Connecticut field

The community is coming together to fix a damaged athletic field vital to the mission of Make-A Wish Connecticut.
The organization, which grants wishes to critically ill children, says someone drove over the field and left tire tracks between the evening of Saturday, March 12 and Sunday, March 13.
"To have one of those spaces, the major outdoor space, destroyed really hits hard," said Carin Buckman, Make-A-Wish Connecticut's marketing, communications and digital manager.
After Make-A-Wish Connecticut posted pictures of the damage on social media, a Facebook group called Trumbull Helps said it would fix the damage this Saturday morning.
"They have landscapers and members of the community. They're bringing seed and rakes and topsoil," said Buckman.
Make-A-Wish Connecticut says police have no leads.
The organization is now planning to install more security cameras at its location.