TSA: Canine teams enhance security at JFK airport

The Transportation Security Administration say airport security has been enhanced due to several of their explosive detection canine teams at John F. Kennedy International Airport.
TSA passenger screening canine Maly, whose specialty is explosives detection, works at JFK International Airport. Here he paid a visit to the 9/11 Memorial in New York City. (TSA photo)
Officials say the dogs were trained for 12 weeks as they learned to detect explosives and explosive materials. The security procedure is an added screening measure to allow the TSA to stay ahead of potential threats.
TSA passenger screening canine Haver works at JFK International Airport. Here he is participating in a training exercise designed to improve his ability to detect explosives. (TSA photo)
Passengers departing JFK International Airport can expect to see the canine teams working around travelers.
TSA explosives detection canine Ben is usually screening passengers at JFK International Airport. Here he takes a much-deserved break from screening passengers. (TSA photo)