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Uber Eats reveals most popular food requests in Connecticut

Uber Eats has revealed the most popular and most unusual delivery requests in Connecticut.

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Jun 5, 2019, 3:17 PM

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Uber Eats reveals most popular food requests in Connecticut
Uber Eats has revealed the most popular and most unusual delivery requests in Connecticut.
The 'Cravings Report' found very specific tastes nationwide ranging from requests for delivery partners to sing “Africa” by Toto to requesting sides of mustard with apples.
In Connecticut, the report detailed top food order requests included extra sauce and no onions.
Other top requests in the state included: no cheese, no tomatoes, spicy, dressing on the side, extra cheese, ketchup, no mayo, and no sour cream.
The most popular food combinations nationwide included fries with extra sauce, gyros with no tomatoes, and turkey wraps with no cheese.
The most unusual requests nationwide included a milkshake with a side of ranch dressing, pizza with nuts, and apples with mustard.  
National findings: 
Your Delivery Personality:
  • This is my Boyfriend’s Valentines gift. It would be amazing if you could play "AFRICA" by Toto when you deliver the donuts. You don't have to play the whole thing, really just the chorus.
  • WE LIKE OUR FOOD EXTREMELY SPICY. Got a $20 dollar tip for everyone if you make the spaghetti and lasagna spicy as SHIT and say it when you deliver the food. You know, so I know it’s real thanks guys.
  • The Statement Makers:
  • This is unique but I like to dip my sandwiches very heavily in ranch and honey mustard. Very very very heavily!! I just live for sauce, I hate dry food! Can I please have six dipping sides of ranch and six dipping sides of honey mustard each for my sandwich?
  • May I have some extra sauce?  Okay, thank you, love you byeeeee!
  • Please include at least 6 syrup and at least 3 ramekins of butter! This is incredibly important!
  • Please also send 13 containers of Ranch Dressing.
  • I’d like extra guac. Yes I know it is extra.
  • Big Dippers:
  • EXXXXtra!!!! spicy. I like it this way and can handle it.
  • Extra spicy please. Can I get some extra wasabi too. Yalls is the best.  
  • your tacos are SO GOOD!!! returning customer. Can you please add the spiciest hot sauce you have on it, I like it spicy!!!! so dont be afraid to add it. Is it the green spice salsa??? --- thank you!!!! oh and P.S. do you have a piece of a lime you can add on the side?   
  • Some Like it Hot:
  • People can change for the better, you know
  • Can you leave instructions for me instead? Do you recommend closing both eyes with each bite and daydreaming about beach parties in Goa?
  • Can I add Banana Peppers? If so, that would make the stars in my galaxy of hunger cordially align ever so preciously and they would whisper through time and space.
  • People can change for the better, you know. Case in point: when I first moved to SF, years ago, my then-girlfriend and her hippie parents tried to introduce me to this wonderful West Coast craze called "acai bowls." I thought they all were crazy and then blamed the acai for "a very long bathroom break" that followed. They laughed, good-naturedly I'm sure, at the stupid (but well-intentioned) boy from Philadelphia. Funny how times change and everything comes around. Now that ex-girlfriend lives in Philadelphia with a truly stupid boy, I'm sure, and me, Instead of dating, I just need acai bowls to be happy. Is that what Alanis Morissette meant by ironic?
  • I just want water, I’m not messing with the Pop lately. Trying to change the way I eat. The body is your temple right? Anyway can I get water instead of pop?
  • The Philosophers:
  • Please let the protein gods bestow my platter with as much meat as possible. Heaps and heaps like the mountains of the Himalayas. And through the valleys and streams, an extra scoop of rice -- to nurture the young landscape. Ok, I'll keep it straight. I need as much meat and rice on this plate as possible.
  • I'd love if you can add as much beans eggs and extra meat because I'm very hungry and I really like your restaurant.
  • Hunger Games:
  • Please send all sandwich parts separately. I will put together myself.
  • Lil bit of rice, lil bit of cream cheese.
  • Bacon extra extra extra crispy; if you try to bend the bacon and it breaks then it is perfect! Just short of burned is another good way to describe it. Thank you in advance for your attention to detail regarding the cooking of the bacon. It is the most important part of the meal, so please take the request seriously!
  • Can I have milk and tons of caramel at the bottom of the iced coffee and whipped cream and tons of caramel on top?
  • The Perfectionists:
The Most Popular Food & Request Combos
  1. Chicken Sandwich + No Onions
  2. Fries + Extra Sauce
  3. Gyro + No Tomatoes
  4. Turkey Wrap + No Cheese
  5. Pizza + Extra Spicy
  6. Fried Rice + No Onions
  7. Cheeseburger + No Mayo
  8. Eggs + Spicy
  9. Rice Bowl + Extra Sauce
  10. Steak + Ketchup
The Most Unexpected  Food & Request Combos
  1. Shake + Side of Ranch
  2. Mushrooms + Ketchup
  3. Apple + Mustard
  4. Tilapia + Cheese
  5. Poke + Mayonnaise
  6. Sushi + Cream Cheese
  7. Pizza + Nuts
  8. Steak + Tendon Only
  9. Salad + Watermelon
  10. Spaghetti + Extra Olives
Delivery Requests by the Day
  • On Mondays, eaters crave ketchup and extra mayo.
  • On Tuesdays, we see requests for sweet and sour sauce spike.
  • On Wednesdays, people want extra rice and extra onions.
  • But on Thursdays, they really don’t want any onion. We also see people crave extra bbq sauce on Thursdays.
  • On Fridays, people can’t decide if they want cheese: we see requests for both “extra cheese” and “no cheese” spike.
  • On Saturdays, eaters like it hot! We see requests for foods across the board to be extra spicy, and people wanting fun sauces like honey mustard and ranch.
  • On Sundays, people don’t want tomatoes and request their dressing on the side - they also want teriyaki sauce.
The Most Popular Food & Request Combos
The Most Unexpected Food & Request Combos

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