Ukrainian man provides insight into life under Russian besiege

A Ukrainian man with ties to New York is talking exclusively to News 12 Connecticut about life under attack, as Russia invades his home.
Andy, who asked not to use his real name or to be on camera, said his family stayed together in their home in Ukraine.
He says they are currently in Kyiv, the capitol of Ukraine, which has sections that have been devastated by the Russians.
Andy sent News 12 Connecticut video he took of debris that came down in his neighborhood from what he believes is from a blast. He said chaos and dismay is his new reality.
"I woke up because the building shook because of the explosion nearby," said Andy. "That was a wakeup call. So then you just kind of, in between air raid warnings, you go out. You make some food, drink coffee. Thank God we have electricity and water. Still, I can't imagine what those poor people in Kharkiv or's unimaginable what they go through."
Several Ukrainians on the ground sheltering in place say they're frustrated with the lack of sanctions NATO allies, including the United States, have imposed on Russia. They say they feel like the world is just watching and waiting by, not getting involved directly on the ground.
"Unless we take measures that we are going to get [Russian President Vladimir Putin] to reconsider that decision and change his mind, he's going to continue to push. The question becomes, what is that and how far are we willing to go to get him to stop without being involved militarily and directly," said former intelligence officer Alex Plitsas.
NATO countries Friday refused to police a no-fly zone over Ukraine as they say it could provoke a widespread war in Europe.