Ukrainian native says New Milford woman saved her life

A young woman has been able to escape the war in Ukraine thanks to the help of a New Milford woman.
"I can't imagine being 20 years old and going to a different country alone and like, trying to start a life," said Jill Hodge, from her home in New Milford.
That's exactly what Tanya Yarosh did to escape the horror of war in Ukraine.
"All day we hear sirens. Now in Ukraine, it’s dangerous," said Yarosh.
Yarosh was looking for any way out. She found a Facebook page called USA/Canada/Americas: Host, Sponsor, Help Ukraine and posted for help. Her post was answered by Hodge.
"I figure that's one less that has to endure what's going on there," said Hodge.
Yarosh got married a few days before she left Poland, and she had to leave her husband and family behind.
Yarosh was welcomed to her new home in New Milford at the end of last month.
"All my life I dream about USA. Now with Jill, we can be good friends because she so much help me," said Yarosh. 
"All Ukrainian people should get that chance too. Most people I know, their parents were immigrants from somewhere," said Hodge.
Yarosh says she hopes someday her family will be able to come to America.
Hodge has sponsored three other women from other countries, but feels Yarosh may be her most important one yet because Hodge probably saved her life.
"One person at a time," said Hodge.