US Rep. Jahana Hayes called derogatory terms during Newtown meeting

Rep. Jahana Hayes says she was the victim of a "Zoom bomb" during which she was called racial slurs multiple times.
She tweeted out screenshots of the racial slurs in her Zoom call with Newtown residents Monday.
In her tweet, Hayes wrote, "So sorry to Newtown who had to endure this Zoom bombing episode."
Hayes says the people responsible called her a racial slur repeatedly and played derogatory music during the meeting.
"This behavior is being normalized! We can ALL choose not to accept it. Please vote on November 3rd," Hayes tweeted.
The incident happened during a virtual community forum Hayes was holding with Newtown residents.
The congresswoman blogged about the incident today in a post titled "I Am Not OK."
In the post, she details what happened, saying a racial slur could be heard on a loop with music calling it "six minutes of vile disgusting, dare I say deplorable, hate."
"I am not ok that this happened. I am not ok, that this is not the first time this has happened in my life or that I have to explain that this happens. I am not ok, that I have to post a screenshot to prove it happened."
She ends the post by saying, "Let's all commit to doing something and being ok together."
Reaction has poured in, including from Sen. Chris Murphy.
"There's some really evil people out there willing to do some terrible things, and unfortunately, we have a president who eggs them on," Murphy said.
The Anti-Defamation League of Connecticut tweeted about the incident saying, "So upsetting to see another Zoom bombing incident in CT, thank you to Congresswoman and friend of ADL Representative Jahana Hayes for posting this open and brave account."
The Connecticut Democrats released a statement saying, "This horrific attack must be denounced by all. It is time for leadership that unites."
Hayes' opponent, Republican David X. Sullivan, commented on the incident by saying, "It is appalling that a bigoted coward would direct insults at Congresswoman Hayes, interfere and disrupt a legitimate campaign activity, and besmirch the reputation of the 5th District of Connecticut. I am grateful and encouraged the management at Zoom is investigating this disgusting incident."
Zoom reached out to Hayes via Twitter and said it is "deeply upset to hear about this," and that it takes "the privacy of Zoom meetings very seriously."
Hayes was asked to provide Zoom with details of the meeting.