Veteran officer still suffering 1 year after accidental shooting

A 30-year veteran of the Norwalk Police Department is sharing his story just over a year after he was accidentally shot during a firearms training class.
Officer Phillip Roselle says he had just finished up at the shooting range and was cleaning his gun when his sergeant accidentally shot him. He says the bullet went through his arm and into his chest and remains there today.
"I remember looking down," Roselle said. "I was bleeding all over the place."
The father of two also suffered two broken ribs, permanent nerve damage to his right hand and now needs a new kidney.
Roselle has been a diabetic since he was a teenager but says complications from the shooting caused his kidneys to shut down.
He told News 12 he's not just fighting for his health, but also for pay as his workers' compensation was denied in May.
"My whole life turned around," Roselle said. "It's like one minute you're a police officer--that's all I've ever done--and the next minute, I can't do anything."
News 12 reached out to Norwalk's personnel director to find out why Roselle's claim was denied but he refused to comment.