Vice President Kamala Harris visits New Haven for 'Help is Here' tour

Vice President Kamala Harris visited Connecticut Friday as part of the White House's Help is Here tour.

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Mar 26, 2021, 8:13 PM

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Vice President Kamala Harris visited Connecticut Friday as part of the White House's Help is Here tour.
Harris held a "listening session" at the Boys and Girls Club in New Haven. She was joined by Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona.
Photo courtesy of Sen. Richard Blumenthal's office
"The president and I and all the senators were very instrumental in getting the American Rescue Plan passed and one of the components of that plan that we are most excited about and will have generational impact is lifting half of America’s children out of poverty," Harris said. "We are particularly also excited about what we are doing in terms of the substantial investment in child care, understand that is an issue that is yes about our children but also about their parents. It is about working people. It is about our economy. The connections between child care and all these other systems are so direct.”
Harris and Cardona were joined by Gov. Ned Lamont and Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy in New Haven.
Vice President Kamala Harris participates in a listening session at the Boys & Girls Club of New Haven on how the American Rescue Plan addresses child poverty and education. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
The vice president then headed to the West Haven Child Development Center, joined by Cardona and DeLauro. Harris met and sat in a circle with students ahead of expected remarks about the American Rescue Plan and its impact on families.
Ahead of the visit, Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy, Rep. Rosa DeLauro and New Haven's mayor held a news conference at Amistad Park discussing the Rescue Plan.
"This plan will lift out of poverty half the children in Connecticut. That is a historic accomplishment, and it shows that government can work," Blumenthal said.
"The American Rescue plan is a game-changer for the kids who go to school just a few feet from us here," Murphy said. "Families are suffering here in New Haven. Whether you're out of work or have had your hours cut back, most of the families who live in this neighborhood are having a lot of trouble putting food on the table, paying their rent."

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