Vigil held in Weston to show support for Ukranian Americans, their families overseas

A vigil was held in Weston to show support for Ukrainian Americans and their families overseas.
Dozens gathered in front of a blue and yellow decorated Town Hall Monday evening, holding lit candles.
Those with families in Ukraine told News 12 that they were thankful to have the support of Connecticut residents.
"It brings tears to my eyes. I see the people here, everybody is supporting Ukraine, it's unbelievable," said Stephan Taranko.
For people like Iryna Akoizina with family in Ukraine, it's been another long, difficult day.
"It's such an important moral support right now. They are very sad, I must tell you, but gatherings like this," said Akoizina. "They keep saying 'Say thank you, we are very grateful, say thank you.' It means a lot to them."
There will be another rally in support of Ukraine Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. at the Stamford Government Center.