Visit the reimagined SHU Discovery Science Center and Planetarium

The Discovery Museum in Bridgeport has been completely reimagined thanks to new a partnership with Sacred Heart University.
SHU Discovery Science Center and Planetarium entered into a partnership agreement with Sacred Heart University in January of 2021, through which SHU took over management of the facilities of Discovery.
The center offers exhibits and opportunities for hands-on learning that you can’t find anywhere else publicly in the state, Executive Director Erica Eng says.
A current exhibit features the Cretaceous Period, and it is called "Be the Dinosaur."
"You can do everything from eating, drinking, hunting, laying eggs. So it really is interacting as with the physiology and environment of the Cretaceous Period," Eng says.
Live science demonstrations happen every day at least twice - sometimes three times a day for all guests.
The center has one of the only publicly accessible and interactive "science on a sphere" available in New England.
The center's Henry duPont III Planetarium has recently been revamped, Eng says.
"The newest system is the Evans & Sutherland Digistar 7, which is the most cutting-edge planetarium technology available in the state right now. Which is very exciting, Eng says.
Enrollment for summer camp at the center is now open.