Waterford man charged with threatening Gov. Lamont on Twitter

A Waterford man is charged with threatening Gov. Lamont in posts made on Twitter, state police say.
Police say Jonathan Wright tweeted "You are scum living on borrowed time... you will meet your maker courtesy of a noose and a trap door."
According to a police affidavit, Wright made the threats in October 2021 and made multiple references to former President Donald Trump.
According to the arrest warrant, Wright told a state trooper, "I tweeted this out of anger but with no malicious intent."
Wright allegedly said "he heard that COVID patients had been put into nursing homes to get the elderly sick," and "this made him upset."
The 40-year-old was arrested Monday and charged with threatening in the second degree and was released on a $30,000 bond.
He is expected to appear in court on Nov. 29.