'We all want peace.' Greenwich officials, residents gather in support of Ukraine

Connecticut officials and residents gathered in Greenwich Tuesday to show their support for Ukraine after Russia launched an invasion into the country just under a week ago.
Former Miss Connecticut USA Olga Litvinenko lead the rally. She was able to get her mom and two rescue dogs out of Ukraine before the invasion. 
"It's not just people who are Ukrainian, it is everyone who is working together and who wants a stop to this war. No one wants war, we all want peace," said Litvinenko.
The Biden administration Tuesday signaled it's not ready for military escalation with Russia. The U.S. Senate is considering sending over $6 billion in humanitarian aid packages.
Ukrainian natives say the need is urgent for their friends and family on the ground.
Taya Fedorenko had flown from Kiev to Connecticut to visit her boyfriend when the invasion started. Her mom called her to tell her the bombing had started.
"People are in danger. My mom is in danger and my dad is in great danger right now, because he is defending my city," said Fedorenko.
Fedorenko's mother is volunteering her time for humanitarian aid as her father takes up arms in defense of Kiev.
"If everybody in the world could be as strong as my parents, I think we would win in one day," said Fedorenko.