'We make it home when we are here.' Connecticut Netball looks to promote sport

A group of netball players in Westport is hoping to promote their sport.
Connecticut Netball practices every Wednesday night at the Westport-Weston Family YMCA.
Netball is played on a rectangular court by two teams of seven players. Similar to basketball, the goal is shoot a ball through the other team's goal.
Although not well-known in the United States, the sport is played by women around the world, especially in the British Commonwealth.
"It was the thing when I moved here that I missed more than anything else," says Siobhan Crist.
Players say the team is like a family, and Crist is always trying to add to the group.
"If I hear anybody, the woman in the post office, I ask her do you play netball? The Irish person running the other day in Westport - do you play bet netball? Trying to recruit everybody," says Crist.
Suzanne Slade, club captain, says they would love to have more American players join.
The team is hoping to play in a national tournament and is interested in finding sponsors to help them travel.