Showers into Thursday, weekend looking good

WHAT'S NEW: Mostly cloudy with scattered showers through the day Thursday.
WHAT'S NEXT: Sunny, summerlike weather Friday.
Storm Watch Team Meredith Garofalo says overnight will be cloudy with periods of rain showers. 


THURSDAY: Mostly cloudy with scattered showers through the day. A bit drier than today. There can even be a few breaks in the clouds. Slightly warmer but still below average. Highs around 72. Lows near 62. 

FRIDAY: Partly sunny. More summerlike. Highs around 82. Lows around 62. 

SATURDAY: Sun and clouds. Highs around 87. Lows around 66. 

SUNDAY: Partly sunny. Highs around 87. Lows around 67. 

MONDAY: Chance for a few showers and perhaps an isolated storm. Highs around 80. Lows around 63.