Wednesday could start heat wave, with temps expected over 90 degrees

NEW & NEXT: Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Hilda Estevez says our first potential heat wave could start Wednesday as the following three days are likely to hit 90 degrees or higher. Dangerous feel-like temps on Thursday could soar to 99 degrees.
NOW: Calm conditions with passing storms, showers to our north and west. Humidity surges with winds from the south, southwest.
TONIGHT: Winds subside after 8 p.m. but humidity increases. Overnight lows stay seasonal near 68.
TUESDAY: Sunny start then clouds filter in limited some sunshine with seasonal temperatures. After 1 p.m., showers and storms travel across coastal communities and bring potential for moderate rain and lightning. Severe storms are not expected. Rain exits around 7 p.m. Highs near 85. Lows near 71.
WEDNESDAY: Fairly quiet weather day with sunshine and clouds. The heat arrives with highs near 90. Lows near 74.
THURSDAY: Sunny and hot. Highs near 92, feels like 100. Lows near 76.