'We're always living Pride Month.' Photographer captures Norwalk's LGBTQ+ community

A local photographer says he is living Pride Month every day through his pictures.
John Gram has an eye for his subjects.
"One of the biggest things about photography is being able to tell a story and tell someone's story through just a photograph of them," said Gram.
Gram has been able to tell a lot about the LGBTQ+ community through his work with John Gram Photo Studios.
"I shoot a lot of drag queens. Drag queens are my favorite to shoot," said Gram.
Gram is just opening his new studio in Norwalk above Wall Street's Troupe429. He says the LGBTQ+ community has grown thanks to the troupe and he hopes his pictures help spread the word how far this community has come.
"We're always living Pride Month. I think for me it's about the allies and them learning more about us and what we've been through and what we're still trying to do and still fighting for and our rights and things like that," said Gram.
Gram is now collecting art for his big show Saturday. The pieces will be part of the biggest LGBTQ+ art show in Connecticut.
"Having all these LGBTQ+ artists in one space during Pride Month -- it's going to be epic," said Gram.
The art show runs from the end of this month to Labor Day.