West Haven ceremony marks 77th anniversary of Pearl Harbor attack

A small but meaningful ceremony was held in West Haven Friday to mark the 77th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack.
Florence Stoeber, of Milford, read the 17 names of the Connecticut service members who died that day.  Her late husband survived that attack. He was actually in the shower on the USS Whitney when Japanese bombers arrived.
"He had just gotten out of the shower, and he was wearing clogs on his feet," says Stoeber. "And he went down to the ammunition room and had to go up to the deck to bring the ammunition up there."
Jack Stoeber almost missed the attacks entirely. He was on leave to visit his family -- but his uncle was on a date.
"When he got there, the uncle wasn't there. So he decided to go back to the ship," says Stoeber. "If he hadn't gone back, he wouldn't have been there."
Jack Stoeber lived to be 98 years old.
Just two months ago, DNA testing finally identified the remains of Bridgeport sailor Stephen Pepe, who was killed that day.