Westport police seek surveillance video after antisemitic propaganda found on Partrick Road

Westport police are asking for residents to check their security cameras after a few neighbors received antisemitic propaganda on their property.
Westport police say propaganda flyers that are antisemitic in nature have been found in the neighborhood on Partrick Road.
"She found it last Thursday and really didn't think too much about it until she started looking at the literature," said Lt. Eric Woods.
The woman had received a zip lock bag with a flyer inside and rice to weigh it down. The woman later spoke with neighbors and found out they too had received the same baggie. She then took it to police.
Officers are asking residents who live in and around Partrick Road to review footage from their security and Ring cameras from last Wednesday and Thursday.
Police say there is zero tolerance for antisemitic propaganda in the community.
"We really want people to have a happy life and that is just causing everybody heartache and frustration," said Woods.
Police are asking anyone in the community who also received a flyer to contact them.