Westport recruiting firm helping moms return to work

FoundHer was co-founded by Runa Knapp and Jasmine Silver in 2019.

Rose Shannon

May 10, 2024, 4:07 PM

Updated 9 days ago


A Westport-based recruiting firm is helping moms return to the workforce after staying home with their children.
FoundHer was co-founded by Runa Knapp and Jasmine Silver in 2019.
Knapp tells News 12 one of the most important things moms can do to get back to the workforce is network. She suggests moms start networking before they begin looking at job boards or applying online.
"You might have someone standing next to you on the soccer field, for example, who might be helpful to you. You might have family, you might have ex-colleagues you can reach out to. But I think for the most part, jobseekers find their next job, 80% of them, through networking alone," says Knapp.
Knapp says one of the mistakes she has seen is women applying to jobs with the same resumes. She recommends job seekers tailor their resumes for that particular job and have keywords throughout it.
"On the other side, if there's not a human looking, and it's going through a system, like you said a black hole, they are going to match up keywords. And if you don't have some of those words in the resume, it might get lost. So, very important to make sure you're apply with purpose," says Knapp.

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