Wet winter spawns pothole population boom

Department of Public Works crews in Fairfield have been out trying to stem the tide of a southwestern Connecticut pothole invasion.
As winter turns to spring, potholes begin to pop up on roads all over the state. However, drivers and DPW crews this year are seeing more than usual. Many blame the amount of rain as the cause for the additional potholes.
DPW Superintendent Scott Bartlett says all of this month?s precipitation has left his crews with an unusually high number of potholes to fix. Officials say there has been more than 6 inches of precipitation this month, which is twice the norm for February. They add that most of the rain that hits the ground freezes overnight in cold temperatures.
??the moisture gets into the cracks as temperatures drop,? Bartlett says. ?Those cracks retain moisture, freeze and develop into potholes.?
Drivers are urged to avoid potholes or use caution if they must go over one.