What's it like to quarantine while abroad? One man says it felt like prison

There are new rules for those traveling abroad due to the emergence of the omicron variant.
One man from the tri-state area just discovered what it was like to quarantine while abroad.
Rich Richardson, a Connecticut resident, was getting ready to fly back to the United States from a family vacation in the Caribbean. He tested positive for COVID-19 and had to spend another week in Aruba on lockdown.
"I felt like I was in prison cause I couldn't do anything until they told me what to do," Richardson says.
He was fully vaccinated when he took the trip in August and ended up in quarantine when travelers could get tested three days before leaving.
American officials are now requiring all travelers flying to the United States, including American citizens to show proof of a negative COVID test one day before their flight.
The dean of Brown University's School of Public Health says this will help catch more infections before people come to the country.
Richardson says after his international quarantine stay, he will be staying domestically for at least a year.
"It just makes a lot of sense to play local for a while and not chance it," Richardson says.