Wilton man organizes humanitarian mission to help Ukrainian refugees fleeing to Romania

A Wilton man has organized a humanitarian mission to help Ukrainian refugees fleeing to Romania.
Sean Lentner, a successful businessman from Wilton, is putting aside his comfortable life to go into what is arguably the most dangerous flashpoint on the planet.
Lentner met at the Ukrainian Church in Bridgeport Friday to talk about his mission with the parish priest.
Lentner, an IT executive whose mom was from Eastern Europe, tells News 12 he has traveled extensively throughout Ukraine and Romania for business, managing 80 of his employees there at one point.
He says he will leave from John F. Kennedy International Airport Sunday and travel to Romania so he can help Ukrainian refugees flooding over the border.
"We're going to try and help as many people as I can, as quickly as possible, and the people we have on the ground are very well connected so I think we're going to make some very effective moves," said Lentner.
Lentner and his team will aid getting Ukrainian refugees to various locations throughout the rest of Europe and will also be allocating apartments and advising them on their options.
Lenter has started a What's App thread and says he's already helped dozens of refugees get to safety. His campaign has raised more than $3,000 in the first few days alone.
Click here for more information about Lentner's humanitarian mission.