Wilton police: Juvenile stabbed twice, 18-year-old suspect arrested

Aiden Cruickshank, 18, of Wilton, is charged with first-degree assault and was arraigned in Stamford Superior Court Tuesday afternoon.

Dec 26, 2023, 10:48 PM

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One teenager was hospitalized and another arrested following a stabbing in Wilton over the holiday weekend, police said. Aiden Cruickshank, 18, of Wilton, is charged with first-degree assault and was arraigned in Stamford Superior Court Tuesday afternoon.
“Mr. Cruickshank faces a very serious charge here. A weapon, a knife was involved. The victim was only 17. The victim was, according to the police reports, stabbed twice,” Stamford State’s Attorney Paul Ferencek told the judge.
Police said they were alerted to the stabbing by their counterparts in Norwalk around 5 p.m. Saturday after a juvenile arrived at Norwalk Hospital with stab wounds. Police also said they learned the suspect was with the victim.
“This incident did stem from an altercation that unraveled during a hangout with friends,” explained defense attorney Kevin Black, Jr., who represents Cruickshank, during court.
Police gave no information about the circumstances that led to the stabbing but said it happened in the roadway on Orem's Lane, a quiet neighborhood off Danbury Road. A home's Ring camera captured it all, according to court documents obtained by News 12.
Ferencek told the judge the victim suffered a superficial stab wound to his back and a significant puncture to his stomach, with the knife just missing his intestines.
“The injuries could've been far more serious. I don't know why the defendant was even armed with a knife in that situation,” Ferencek said.
“My understanding is that the victim in this matter was released and discharged from the hospital the same night,” Black added.
Police said the victim drove himself to the emergency room with Cruickshank and a 16-year-old witness coming along in his car. That car is where police said they also found the knife that was used in the attack.
Black said Cruickshank lives with his parents and is not a flight risk. He argued for bond to be lowered to $100,000 while Ferencek asked that it remain at $250,000.
Judge Alex Hernandez kept bond at $250,000, noting, “the seriousness of these allegations and the strength of the evidence against Mr. Cruickshank.” Hernandez said if Cruickshank posts bond, he’ll have to wear a GPS ankle monitor, have a curfew and check in with the bail commissioner twice a week. He’ll only be able to leave the house for specific reasons and appointments, including legal and medical.  The judge also issued a protective order, barring Cruickshank from any contact with the victim, and ordered Cruickshank to surrender all weapons.
Black had no comment on the case after court.
Cruickshank has a pending motor vehicle case, as well. He was arrested in October on charges of evading responsibility and following too closely. He’s due in court next for both cases on Jan. 9.

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