Witnesses: Teen fight leads to shooting in the Bronx

A teenager is in critical condition after he was shot several times on Barker Avenue Wednesday night, police say.
Witnesses say the incident started around 10 p.m. with a fight between two groups of girls. Investigators say one of the girls called her boyfriend to come and retaliate. According to police, the man showed up with a friend and spotted the victim, C.J., near a deli.
Police say once the victim realized the two men were after him, he took off. Authorities say the teen?s attackers pursued him through several apartment buildings and around the blocks while firing shots until the victim collapsed in front of 2821 Barker Ave.
Police say C.J. was taken to Jacobi Medical Center. According to hospital officials, the victim was hit eight to 10 times in his upper body.
C.J.?s friends say that although violence is common in this area, the teen, who was not involved in the fight, should not have been its latest victim.