Woman launches Fairfield County chapter of Pandemic of Love

A Connecticut woman has launched the Fairfield County chapter of Pandemic of Love, a movement that began in Florida to help out those financially affected by the coronavirus pandemic.
Activist Shelly Tygielski created a website that connects people who've lost work with donors willing to help them with basic needs.
Brooke Connors launched the Fairfield County chapter along with her two teenage daughters, Molly and Gray. They say website visitors can fill out forms to give help or get help.
Donors are asked what they are willing to pay for, such as groceries or a tank of gas. Potential recipients answer questions about the effect of the outbreak on their income and what they need assistance with.
Globally, Pandemic of Love has made more than 15,000 connections so far. The Fairfield County chapter has helped several families but Connors says she's struggling to find donors.
"The term pandemic has such a negative connotation, and the idea of Pandemic of Love is that a pandemic can also represent the spreading of something positive," Connors says.
Connors says it's a way for people to give to each other quickly, directly, and discreetly.
Those with questions about the effort can reach them through email or check out their website.
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