Women's History Month: Senior's singing ministry helps keep husband's memory alive

A Bridgeport senior is using her voice to give hope and comfort to the voiceless, while carrying on her husband's legacy.
"I love this country. You would never hear me say anything negative about America. That's why everybody wants to come here," Carolyn Nah says.
When Nah was born in Wilcox County, Georgia after World War II, racism and segregation flourished as freely as the cotton - which she says her family relied upon to put food on the table.
"My mother and father used to crawl around on their knees and pick cotton," she says.
Some of that cotton is still framed on her wall.
Nah came to Connecticut in 1966 looking for a better life.
"When I came here, I was hungry for an opportunity, and because I knew there was nothing to return to except domestic work or working in a sewing factory at home and I could have stayed and got a job in the sewing factory or working on the farm."
Nah met Tony Nah, who immigrated to the U.S. from Liberia, and who soon dedicated his life to helping those with autism.
Tony passed away in Sept. 2021, but Nah says she has dedicated her singing ministry to the memory of her late husband, who devoted his life to the care of children with special needs.
Nah says she is now also working to connect with people with autism.