Yankees begin to disperse grant money

The New York Yankees dedicated $200,000 in grant money Wednesday to help nonprofit organizations in the Bronx.
The donation is the first from the Community Benefits Fund the baseball club agreed to form during its negotiations for a new stadium. The Yankees plan to distribute $800,000 a year to local groups for the next 40 years.
"There's traffic, there's less parking, so people's lives are impacted and ? you need to do something to help," says Serafin Mariel, who works with the community fund.
Some in the community have been critical of the Yankees' commitment to the fund because they say it took two years for the donations to kick in.
"Actions rather than words, that's what does it," says Mariel about the team's response to the backlash.
The second phase of the donations is expected in September when a new group of organizations will be picked to receive money.
To request an application for grants, tickets and sports equipmente-mail: BXYankeeFund@gmail.com
Organizations that Received Grant Money:Juan Marichal Little League - $500Carballo Youth Baseball League- $1,000New York City 41st Precinct Explorers - $1,000Van Next Little League - $1,500New York Walkers Club - $1,500Jackson Avenue Block Association - $1,500Little League Raiders Baseball, Inc. - $1,500 (sports equipment) Boy Scouts of America ? The Bronx Council - $5,000Bronx Dance Theater - $15,000Hope of Israel Senior Citizen Center - $20,875The First Tee NY - $22,000The Point - $40,000The Bronx CUNY Scholarship Fund - $50,000Highbridge Community Life Center - $50,000Scan NY - $50,000