‘You’re never too young for cancer.’ Stamford Health cancer patient hopes her story helps others

A Stamford woman is stressing the need for a routine mammogram. She says a trip to the doctor saved her life, and her baby's.
"I was diagnosed in October of 2019," said Alexandra Belluzzi, from Stamford.
In a video from Stamford Health, Belluzzi shares her inspiring story.
"In the summer of 2019 we found out we were going to have a baby," said Belluzzi.
She says it was exciting news after two miscarriages. Not long after she told her husband, she noticed she had a rash on her left breast.
"I remember knowing something was wrong. You could see it on the doctors faces as well," said her husband, Jeff Belluzzi.
At 34 years old and 18 weeks pregnant, this was not the news Belluzzi wanted to hear.
"It just felt like such good things were coming and this just totally knocks you off your feet," said Alexandra Belluzzi.
Belluzzi had 12 rounds of chemotherapy at the Tully Cancer Center in Stamford, all while doctors not only monitored her but also her unborn child.
After a double mastectomy and 28 rounds of radiation, Belluzzi was cancer free.
She will never forget the day her little girl Dani was born.
"When I heard her cry I mean, I just, it just felt like everything that I had done all the hard things, all the chemo sessions, losing my hair, it was for that moment. She was a real life miracle," said Alexandra Belluzzi.
Belluzzi says she wanted to share her story in hopes that it might help others.
"I just want people to know you're never too young for cancer and it’s really important to know your body to do your monthly checks," said Belluzzi.
Now Belluzzi and Dani are living a happy and healthy life.