Youth boxing coach vies for Golden Gloves

A Stamford boxer who?s made a name for himself teaching the sport to kids made his students proud Thursday night when he competed in the Golden Gloves at Madison Square Garden.
Ahmad Mickens says he was thrilled to be able to fight in one of the oldest and largest boxing competitions in the world. Though he didn?t win, he says he accomplished his goal of just making it to the Garden.
Mickens is not like other boxers who can train full time. He runs Revolution Fitness, a gym in Stamford, and a youth boxing program as well. Three days a week he coaches at-risk kids for free and says he wouldn't have it any other way.
?When I first came here I had no idea how to box,? says one of Mickens? students, 11-year-old Autumn Ashante. ?I got really scared, couldn't get it. He just took me under his wings and said ?understand there's a rhythm there's a beat to it, and you'll be fine.??
Mickens has made Revolution Fitness a second home for the neighborhood kids. ?If they want to relieve stress they can come here, if they need somebody to talk to they can come here,? Mickens says.
Mickens even brought some of the kids to the Garden with him to watch him fight.