1-way Bridgeport street to open 2 ways despite protests

A one-way street in the North End of Bridgeport will soon be open to two-way traffic again, in spite of strong protests from some community members.
Officials say that the one-way sign on Yaremich Drive will soon be going away. The city's police commission voted to reverse an earlier ruling, forcing traffic to move in one direction.
Gina Bohannon and Victoria Hughes both live in the Second Stone Ridge Co-op on Yaremich Drive.
They say they're frustrated the street, after two months of being one-way, will soon be open again to two-way traffic.
"I am upset about it because I have a son who lives here and he is blind, so with the two-way traffic it's kind of hard for him to maneuver on and off the bus and then we have a neighbor who is autistic and one with spina bifida and we also have another child who has Down syndrome — so with other cars coming in and out and flying among one another, it's dangerous,” says Gina Bohannon.
The Bridgeport police commission has voted to overturn its earlier ruling making the street one way.
Dr. Dennis Williams, who runs a practice on Yaremich, was thrilled by the decision, saying the one-way designation created safety hazards for his senior and disabled patients whom he says were being dropped off at a dangerous intersection due to the change.
" I commend the board of police commissioners. I realize this was not easy for them to reverse their prior decision, but I think when they realized all the adverse outcomes and the outcry from the community — those who live there and businesses - they did the right thing,” he says.

Dr. William says the panel's decision was controversial because the elected officials should never have gone against the recommendations of the city's own engineering experts.

The residents say the return to two-way traffic will not be good for neighborhood.