200,000 Connecticut college students to receive campus rape survey

Campus rapes are down in Connecticut but experts think they're severely underreported. A new group is hoping to change that.
The Council on Sexual Misconduct will send out the state's first-ever survey on campus rape to 200,000 college students in Connecticut.
The goal is to learn where and who has experienced sexual violence.
In Connecticut, campus sexual assaults are down two years in a row, but many victims don't call police sometimes because they were drunk or high at the time of the encounter.
A new law aims to change that. It bans colleges from punishing students or employees "for violating the institution's drug or alcohol policy."
"They might not report because they look at their campus' policy and they think, 'Okay, this is my fault,'" said Ali Hagani, of Every Voice Connecticut.
The new survey will go out by March 2023. It'll take a hard look at how colleges treat victims.
In Fairfield, Sacred Heart University sent out a survey five years ago, but getting students to actually fill it out was a challenge.
"I don't remember our percentage of students who took it. It wasn't particularly high from what I recall," said Kristen Eschwie, of Sacred Heart University project coordinator.
Advocates say this new law is a good start, but that too many schools put up too many road blocks for victims. They say that is why this survey is so important.