2000s nostalgia: Free Blockbuster box placed in Stamford, reminiscent of Free Little Library

A Stamford resident is ensuring his neighborhood has the ability to pick up a DVD any time, just like the '90s and early 2000s.
"It's a free Blockbuster in the style of a little free library," says Daniel Milano.
Milano has had a Blockbuster card in his wallet for the last 10 years and says Blockbuster became his thing. So much so that people started gifting Blockbuster-related things.
"Their old membership cards, this Blockbuster guide, and this Blockbuster party game," he says. "Once a year on my birthday we take a family photo in front of the Stamford blockbuster sign, and it came down this year in March. So, I missed Blockbuster in the neighborhood."
He says it was only fitting when he found out about the Free Blockbuster organization.
"They refurbish old newspaper boxes and paint them up and put free blockbuster logos on them and encourage people to put them up in their communities, so I got one of the boxes and I got on their map," says Milano.
He placed the box on the corner of Waterbury Avenue and Matthews Street over the summer, hoping to bring that nostalgic feeling.
"We encourage people to take a movie, leave a movie. Leave a movie, take a movie,” Milano says.
You can follow along and see what’s in stock by following them on Instagram at Free Blockbuster CT.