2020 Democratic hopefuls Booker, Harris head to Hamptons fundraisers

Two Democratic presidential hopefuls were in the Hamptons Sunday to raise money for their campaigns.
In East Hampton, Jon Bon Jovi hosted a fundraiser for New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker.
California Sen. Kamala Harris was also expected on the East End of Long Island for a campaign fundraiser in Water Mill.
President Donald Trump made a stop in the Hamptons last week for a pair of private fundraising events.
Political consultant Michael Dawidziak says fundraising in the Hamptons has always been a part of politics.
"The money you have to raise is silly, silly money," Dawidziak said. "When I was involved in presidential campaigns in the '80s and '90s, it was a lot of money, this is the ridiculous the amount of money you have to raise today. The competition is greater, it's a far bigger field, and so basically you have to go where the money is -- and the Hamptons, that's where the money is."
Although much of the public focus on candidates remains in early caucus and primary states, the Hamptons are also playing their role in the 2020 election.