3 Ridgefield HS coaches suspended after ballfield fire

Three coaches from Ridgefield High School have been suspended after someone torched the team's baseball diamond Saturday.

Officials say the fire was a misguided attempt by someone to dry out the field. The fire did more than $50,000 in damages.

Now, the school district has announced that three of the team's coaches have been suspended, although they are not being accused of starting the flames.
"I think it was a pretty lousy choice and I think whoever is responsible should have to pay for that," says parent Larry Tiplady.

The Tigers were back in action Wednesday with their game moved to Stamford. Parents at the game had mixed feelings about the suspensions.

"Obviously they have had some good, successful seasons the last few years," says Bob Cullinan. "I know my son likes them. I hope they come back, I know my son is going to miss them."

"They are good coaches and the team is doing well," says Joe Pastore. "They should be allowed back. No one was trying to do anything wrong."

One of the coaches was at the game Wednesday and told News 12 he has been instructed not to speak with anybody.

Officials are still investigating the fire.