3 school buses catch fire in Bethel

Three school buses mysteriously went up in flames in Bethel, leaving officials puzzled.
Fire officials in Bethel are investigating what caused the school buses to catch fire Sunday.
The incident happened at the Henry Street bus depot around 2:30 a.m.
News 12 is told that a nearby police officer smelled smoke and found the buses on fire.
Fire officials say two full-sized buses and one minibus burned.
Superintendent Christine Carver released a statement saying It appears the fire originated with a small van, and because of the high winds, the fire spread to two full size buses.
All three buses were damaged beyond repair.
In the meantime, First Student, the company that manages the buses, will be checking the other buses to ensure there was no impact to the rest of the fleet.
"Luckily, the affected full size buses were 'spares' and will not affect our bus runs Monday," Carver says.
First Student has also provided a replacement small van, Carver says.
The cause of the fire is currently under investigation by the Bethel Fire Marshall and Bethel Police Department.