574 Wines employee saves customers when man threatens store with a loaded gun

Monroe police and customers are crediting a store employee at 574 Wines with saving the lives of customers when a man walked in with a loaded gun.
"God love him, and courageous and quick thinking right," said Kathleen Brantley, a customer from Monroe.
Customers at 574 Wines Wednesday were praising an employee who saved customers when 60-year-old Philip Caseria from Shelton showed up with a loaded gun.
"Kudos to the guy who thought so fast and really helped people," said Brantley.
Police say Caseria was seen on surveillance Saturday afternoon pointing a loaded gun outside 574 Wines on Monroe Turnpike.
A store employee who saw Caseria ushered the three customers who were in the store through a back door and out to the CBD store in the back.
They locked themselves in the bathroom until the police arrived. Police say Caseria was drunk when he then walked into the store.
"The video showed him very unsteady on his feet in the store," said Lt Michael Sweeney with Monroe Police.
Police say Caseria didn't see anyone in the store and left.
Witnesses gave police a description of Caseria's van. He was later picked up by Shelton police.
Police found the gun on the floor of his van. Police provided advice for what people should do in situations like this.
"Stay calm, get yourself out of that situation like these people did, and get to a safe place," said Sweeney.
"It can happen in any town, anytime, anywhere. Nobody's immune," said Brantley.
The store employee did not want to talk to News 12 Connecticut on camera or use his name, but he says he's just glad that everybody's OK.
Caseria posted a $250,000 bond. He's due in court next week.